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Today, peoplesí lives are so hectic that sometimes their closets get ignored and things pile up. Well, thatís where I come in! First I'll come view the areas that you are having trouble with - whether it be your closet, cabinets or just a room in your house. I'll consult with you on some items I think should be purchased so that some order is given to the area. I can do the shopping for those items and bill you later. Next I'll come to your house and get started - working on the closet or space to make sure itís clean and organized. I'll help you get rid of some of the unnecessary items that have been building up dust over the years. Once your closet is in order, you'll be amazed how much easier it is to pick outfits and also view which items you may need to complete your wardrobe. Remember an organized life begins with an organized closet!

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I can highly recommend Kate! She has done wonders in my closet and loft. Since she has organized it, I have been able to keep it that way ... HUGE help!